Fruit Popsicles

Fruit popsicles are a great way to incorporate healthy water-intensive fruits into the day by making easy and interesting ice pops WITHOUT added sugar! They’re delicious and keep you fresh amidst that scorching sun, no wonder kids and adults love them alike!

Health Profile:
The one we’re talking about are made of mixed fruits such as watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, Peru grapes and green grapes. All these fruits are a great source of vitamin C that boost immunity and assist weight loss with a minimal calorie count.


1. Kiwi- 1
2. Watermelon- 50 gram
3. Peru Grapes- 6 grapes
4. Pineapple- 3 rings
5. Green grapes- 6 grapes
6. Cranberry Juice- About 250 ml

Prep Time: 15-20 min
Refrigerating duration: 7 hours or above
Serves: 4

1. Peel and cut the fruits as follows-
Kiwi – Thinly slice into rings.
Watermelon- Cut out a 1 inch tall piece and slice it into 10-12 pieces.
Peru grapes-  Vertically slice each grape into 3 pieces.
Pineapple- Cut the thin rings into half.
Green grapes- Cut into half.

2. Line the fruits in popsicle mould with alternative fruits on both sides of the mould leaving a little space in the center. Make sure there’s enough fruit in the mould and least vacant space.

3. Fill them up to the rim with cranberry juice and carefully place the lid.

4. Refrigerate moulds for about 7 hours or overnight.
5. De-mould them just before consuming, and enjoy!

Well, you’re done! ❤
Devour them with friends and family during the day for a tangy-fruity affair!


1. Leave the popsicles untouched when in refrigerator so as to let them set properly.
2. If there is any trouble while de-moulding, run the mould under tap water for couple of seconds and pull out the lid very slowly, they’ll come out just fine.
3. You can customise the popsicle by using a single fruit or two at max available at your convenience. You may also use any juice of your choice, I prefer the uber tangy cranberry juice that also adds a vibrant colour to the popsicle.



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